ICE CREAM CHEFS 2 Day Gourmet Ice Cream / Gelato Course with Hands-on practical


Students will acquire working knowledge on ice cream / gelato ingredients and the differences in the recipes, pasteurizing & freezing processes (with hands-on) and basic understanding, set-up & operation of commercial ice cream making equipment.

Day 1

  • Basic Ingredients for ice cream / Gelato
  • Different types of Frozen desserts & their differences
  • Ice Cream v Gelato v Sorbet v Sherbet,etc..
  • Real Differences between Ice Cream & Gelato.
  • Basic Enhancers for different recipes
  • Understanding basic recipes

Types of Flavors : Solid / Semi-Solid / Liquid

Real vs Artificial Flavors

Gelato Pastes/Pre-mix as flavors


Lunch Break

  • Basic Equipment for commercial Ice Cream making
  • Freezers, Chillers, Pasteurizer, Batch Freezer
  • Understanding Pasteurizing & Freezing processes
  • When do we need to do pasteurizing

What is Carpigiani method of pasteurizing & the ways to do it

Full batch v sub-divide

Do we need to age the ice cream mixture after pasteurizing

Basic Equipment maintenance.


DAY 2: Hands On

Understanding the set-up of the ice cream making kitchen

Setting up the pasteurizer and the batch freezer

Getting the ingredients ready

Hands-on pasteurizing 1-2 batches


Lunch Break

Hands-on Freezing 1-2 batches


Max 4 per class - $700 per student

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